We offer repair & conversion services for most Master Replicas & Hasbro Force FX sabers. Luke ANH, Anakin RotS & Mace Windu RotS sabers a speciality. The conversion process involves removing the fragile stock LED string blades & plastic blade holders to replace them with strong aircraft grade aluminium blade holders...
...wiring the sound board to a super bright class 2 laser LED & fitting it with a durable polycarbonate blade featuring a mirrored tip & light diffusing film for a bright even blade.
Choice of blade colour is entirely at the customer's discretion. Options include blue, green, red, amber & white. Specially mixed custom colours include purple, cyan, ice blue & pink.


In addition to offering the complete Force FX conversion service we are also working on our own premium custom saber designs (featuring light & sound), unique stunt saber designs (light, no sound) & working with customers to create unique custom sabers based on their personal design preferences & needs.




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