I've always been interested in electronics. My father was a respected professional electronic engineer. He was born & raised in India, joined the RAF as a Ground Wireless Fitter in the early 50's, moved to the UK after both his parents passed away & spent the next 40-50 years improving on his skills & working his way up the ladder. He worked on everything from control consoles for the BBC News studios & the first laser eye correction systems built in the UK to military projects for Thorn EMI. He even taught my mother enough about PCB assembly so she could work from home & make some extra money. After leaving high school I took a course in electronic & automotive engineering at Southall Technical College. I'd often take my work home with me to show him. Occasionally I'd do something wrong & he'd call me on it & tell me to do it again. There were even a few times I brought him an example of my PCB assembly & to his amazement as much as mine he couldn't find any fault. He made sure I understood what that meant coming from him. It was the highest praise he could have given me. He taught me well.

Over the years I used the skills I'd learned to repair my own VCR's, video game consoles & DVD players as well as video tape rewinding machines & computers at work but little more. Then in 2009 I discovered the custom lightsaber community. I joined the FX Sabers forum & started learning about saber conversions. At that point I owned a Luke ANH & a Mace Windu. I found out about JQ Sabers here in the UK who supplied me with conversion kits, parts & electronics saving me a fortune in shipping costs from the USA where many of the parts are made & the majority of the hobbies most respected sabersmiths are based.

Late in 2009 my first custom saber project began. It was an Xmas present for my fiancée.
Dubbed the Pinkstarbuck saber, it began as a Master Replicas Yoda Force FX saber. The build involved an upgrade from the standard LED string blade to a Luxeon RGB LED lit dueling blade, a customized emitter guard, a customized push-button activation switch, a new activation clamp adapted from a Master Replicas Build Your Own Lightsaber Kit section & a custom pink leather grip.


The emitter guard was customized to resemble the symbol of my fiancée's birth sign, Aries


The Luxeon LED was wired up specially to produce a pink blade.


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